Hans Moore Sport
  • Cricket

    Cricket is played on the highest level at Hans Moore. The school has a long list of victories.

    Through the years we delivered many provincial players.

    We have the following participating teams: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, u/15A, u/15B, u/14A, u/14B.

    Hans Moore Atletiek

  • Fishing   

      Hans Moore Atletiek

  • Hockey

    Hockey is an official sport at our school.

  • Netball

    Despite the fact that Hans Moore has a small amount of girls we have many girls performing well in this sport.

    We undertake tours and courses each year.

  • Golf

    Hans Moore participates in the East Gauteng Golf league in the A, B and C section.

    At the moment we have 4 teams.

  • Ringball

    Ringball is an official sport at our school.

  • Rugby

    Like every true South-African school, Hans Moore is very focused on rugby as a sport.

    All our teams participate in various school leagues. We deliver numerous Provincial players each year.

    Hans Moore accommodate each learner that wants to play.

    We have A, B and C teams. Hans Moore Atletiek

    Hans Moore Atletiek

  • Tennis

    Get some exercise; get rid of all your stress!


    • Currently we have 4 boys teams and 1 girls team and approximately 40 keen players.

    • We train twice a week at the Northmead courts under the expertise of a professional coach who teaches the beginners the skills of the game and assist the more experienced players.

    • Once a week we attend a conditioning session with our own in-house biokineticist at the school gymnasium, where attention is given to strength and fitness.

    • Currently we participate in the East Gauteng schools league and regular friendly games are also organized.

    • Learners are transported by school bus to the courts, but the onus is on the parents to collect the children from the courts at 16:30.

    • The tennis season is from February to June.

    Win with grace, lose with dignity.

  • Squash

    Squash is actively played by the pupils of Hans Moore at school and provincial level and a few of our pupils have been chosen for the Eastern’s Provincial team.

    We have achieved excellent results in the past and seeing that the school doesn’t have its own courts, we make use of the courts at Benoni Country Club which is a stone’s throw away.

  • Swimming

    Swimming is an official sport at our school.

    Hans Moore High School annually attends Inter-High and various Galas.We have already produced 2 professional swimmers from our students so far.

  • Athletics & Cross-Country


    It is already common knowledge that we, Hans Moore, are a school where balance is maintained. We ensure that every Moorie gets the opportunity to be an athlete.

    There is an unmistakable spirit when the annual Interhouse, with all its traditions are hosted. The last item of the day is always the highlight because the teachers challenge the seniors to a relay.

    We participate annually in amicable mass gatherings and the Inter-High, where we participate against seven neighbouring schools, is always a goosebump-filled nail biter and certainly one of the highlights of any school year.

    At Hans Moore we ensure that athletes with the potential to participate professionally are exposed to national events such as Top 15 in Bethal, TUKS Top 10 and NWU Pukke Top 30. The Uitsig-Relay event also ensures that our relay athletes have the opportunity to compete against the best of the best that come from as far away as the Cape to participate.

    We take an average of 30 and 40 athletes to District Championships (D17) annually, an average of 10 athletes to Provincial Championships (Gauteng) and between 2-5 athletes to National Championships (SA's).

    Hans Moore features top coaches and even a bio kineticist who makes sure our athletes are well conditioned. The bio kineticist even helps with prevention and treatment of injuries.


    The Moorie cross-country team is actually one, big family. The Moories sweat, cry, laugh and participate together. The season usually kicks off with a 4x2km relay event, which ensures great fun, healthy competition, and the development of talents. This event offers the Moorie teams the chance to challenge each other before they participate in four league's that include District, Provincial, and National championships.

    Meet our Head Coaches:

    Ms S Kemp Javelin
    ASA plane 1
    Provincial coach
    Mr JH Smit Hurdles
    ASA plane 1
    Mr W Behr (Outside Coach) Shot put and Discus
    ASA level 1
    National and Provincial coach
    Mr R Luyt Long jump
    ASA plane 1
    Mr R Lewis High jump
    ASA plane 1
    National and Provincial coach
    Team Manager at Provincial Meeting
    Ms M Pitout Sprints
    ASA plane 2
    National and Provincial coach
    Mr F Davis Middle and long distances
    ASA plane 1
    National and Provincial coach

  • Chess

    Hans Moore actively participates in various chess leagues.

    We encourage the intellectual development of our pupils by participating in this stimulating sport.

    The school is proud to say that we have produced numerous high achievers and provincial players.