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Hans Moore History

Our History

1921: East Rand Industrial School (Liverpool Road, Benoni)
1954: Benoni Technical
1984: Hoërskool Hans Moore
1987: Move to the new building
1995: Double Medium
2015: Corner stones from the original buildings become memorials in the foyer of the current building

Who is Hans Moore?

who is hans moore?

Mr. Hans Moore was a fighter for Technical education. After a few years as a teacher in technical subjects, he became vice-principal of OudtshoornTechnical High and after this acting principal. In November 1958 he became an Inspector of Education in the Department of National Education.

In 1965 he was promoted to Head of Inspections. After another few promotions he became the Senior Vice Director of Education. In November 1958 he became an Inspector of Education in the Department of National Education.

Mr. Moore published 13 technical text books and many of his articles on technical education were published in different publications.

In 1983, after 21 years of struggling for permission, the decision was made to move Benoni Technical High School to the new premises and consequently a name change was made to Hoërskool Hans Moore.

Mr. Hans Moore was the main speaker during the revealing ceremony of the new, now current, school badge.

Who is Hans Moore?

Vision, Mission and Values

To be recognised by the South African community as an Institution that delivers balanced, outstanding, career-orientated individuals to the community.

Christian Values

To create an environment in which learners can experience a Christian education, thereby allowing individuals to know themselves within a balanced environment. Integrating Economic, Religious, Social, Academic, Sport and Cultural spheres.
Creating a work environment for educators where their welfare and working conditions are continuously improved and where they can strive for excellence.

A Few of our Traditions

A Few of our Traditions

Bell Ringing
As a new Gr. 8 student, your new high school life begins with a few events. Apart from orientation and the “groentjiekonsert” there is the let go of your “I can’t” Balloon seremony, where you walk away as a Moorie Winner. The next event is the very special Bell ringing seremony symbolising your new start as a high school student.

In matric you will get another chance to ring the bell, as symbol of the end of your high school career and start of a bright future.

Bicycle Tour
In 1978 Mr. Herman Bester started the tradition of hosting a Bicycle Tour.
In 2008 the 30th successful bicycle tour were held. Due to circumstances, this tradition has been aborted, but will always remain part of many Moorie memories.

Christmas Carols & Tree of Rememberance
In 1993 one of our students, Pieter du Toit, died during a bicycle tour and so the Christmas Carols originated. Together with this tradition, Mrs. Bets Coetzee who also lost her daughter, Lara, in 1990, the Tree of Rememberance became a very special event where every Moorie student and staff member could take the time and remember their loved ones who is now in heaven.